Thursday, 22 June 2023
9.30 am to 2.00 pm
Gehry Auditorium (Novartis Campus), Basel

The future of Swiss neutrality in a polarised world

Neutrality is an important pillar of Switzerland’s foreign affairs and security policy. Paired with other typically Swiss features such as political independence, a strong currency and an esteemed rule of law, it contributes to our country’s open and successful foreign trade policy.

However, amidst a battle between global powers and value systems, free trade is increasingly under pressure. More and more Switzerland finds itself pushed to take sides politically and economically. This poses great challenges for our country, its international-oriented economy and particularly its financial sector. Switzerland is called to draw the best possible conclusions.

Can we still consider the neutrality principle eligible? What about free trade in a politically and militarily fragmented world order? What do these developments mean for our export-oriented economy and especially for the Swiss financial centre?

We look forward to welcoming you to the 7th Private Banking Day in Basel and discuss these challenges and gripping issues with you and prestigious speakers.

Grégoire Bordier

Chairman ABPS-VSPB

Philipp Rickenbacher

Chairman VAV-ABG



Welcome coffee



Philipp Rickenbacher



Europe in an uncomfortable world

Sigmar Gabriel



Impact on the business location and the neutrality policy

Simon Evenett
Jean-Marc Rickli
Monika Rühl
Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter
Hans-Ueli Vogt


Assessment of the situation by the Federal Council

Federal Councillor Karin Keller-Sutter


Closing remarks

Grégoire Bordier


Flying lunch


Karin Keller-Sutter

Federal Councillor
Head of the Federal Department of Finance

Sigmar Gabriel

Former Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany

Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter

President Basel Chamber of Commerce, National Councillor The Centre

Simon Evenett

Professor of International Trade and Economic Development, University of St. Gallen

Monika Rühl

Chairwoman of the Executive Board,

Jean-Marc Rickli

Head of Global and Emerging Risks,
Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Carolin Roth

Business Journalist

Hans-Ueli Vogt

Member of the committee of the popular initiative for Swiss neutrality, former member of the National Council SVP

Grégoire Bordier

Chairman ABPS-VSPB
Managing Partner with unlimited personal liability Bordier & Cie

Philipp Rickenbacher

Chairman VAV-ABG
CEO Julius Baer



Gehry Auditorium
(Novartis Campus)
Fabrikstrasse 15
4056 Basel


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Phone: +41 58 888 56 37


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